what we do

3GEN Ministries exists to provide unique discipleship and spiritual growth opportunities for men and their families.  Here are a handful of the connecting opportunities and events that help accomplish that purpose.



This core, 9-month discipleship experience challenges men to go deeper in their relationships with Christ and with one another. Including in-depth Bible study, book study, scripture memory, regular fellowship, and accountability, this curriculum is designed to take men to the Next Level. When a group of 12 men walk together for an extended period of time, the full spectrum of life will happen. We are designed to tackle tough circumstances together, not to go it alone.



Men were created and designed by God to uniquely reflect His image to the world. One of the core capacities of authentic manhood is the call to PURSUE. Just as God has pursued us, we are made to pursue God, our wives, our children, and our friends. Our PURSUIT should make the world around us a better place for everyone that God has placed in our lives. This annual equipping weekend will serve as a catalyst for new relationships and growing spiritual leadership back home.



REALMAN is a long-term discipleship program for fathers and sons. When a group of men decide to raise their sons in community with others, their influence is extended in immeasurable ways. Based on Biblical manhood teaching, storytelling, work projects, community, and teaching “man skills", boys are intentionally developed into men over time.


3GEN outdoors

God’s creation provides the perfect environment for us to learn who we are and what we are made of.  With 3GEN Outdoors, men and their families can enjoy hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, or just about any adventure we can dream up.  



Men and women are different, there is no meaningful argument against this reality. Contrary to the popular cultural narrative, this difference in gender is a purposeful, intentional design that God ordained for His people. These weekend retreats will provide an experience that will deeply enrich your marriage. Couples will connect deeply, laugh heartily, learn to communicate openly and honestly, and enjoy building friendships with other couples who are experiencing the same struggles, doubts, & disappointments.


daddy daughter dance

Every dad with a daughter dreams of ways that he can lovingly lead and shepherd his princess through her childhood development years. But every dad also struggles with creative and meaningful ways to do this. This annual event provides a social atmosphere of fun and delight, and purposefully incorporates meaningful moments of blessing and affirmation for fathers and their special girls.


training camp

An essential component of following Christ is serving and giving one’s life away for the blessing and benefit of others. Jesus lived His life on earth as a perfect example of this. TRAINING CAMP is an annual mission trip aimed at serving, discipleship, and leadership development. Whether on the impoverished island of Haiti or in the broken culture of Eleuthera, men and families will learn to deny themselves, take up their crosses, and follow Jesus.